Year 2012

2012 – the most interesting year since 2000 years.

8 and 9 December Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Show delivered a series of new information from the circle of globalists on Iran, and some events that will take place in the coming year 2012.

Over 2012 years of Anglo-American establishment is planning to attack Iran. This plan assumes an unusual tactic to force Iran to the sight of all,to fire first. Thus, neither the U.S. nor NATO nor Israel has not officially be launched first. Informally while they bombard units, people and buildings in Iran, as indeed already exists. So far, bombed two military bases. Question how much this type of terrorist acts will be tolerated by Iran on its territory? In addition to the offensive of terrorist activities, the Anglo-American empire will place all possible economic and legal restrictions, embargoes, obstructions, blocking of funds etc.

Mainly for political reasons the war with Iran is planned for September-October 2012. Elections will be held in the states in November 2012, and currently sitting President Obama has minimal chances of reelection. To increase the probability of winning, elections must be held in the aura of national emergency. In this way, Obama will be able to show a strong hand, leaders and defenders of the nation. In terms of elections in the United States act of war / terror shortly before the election is called the “October surprise” (October surprise). No sitting president has not lost the elections in the context of war / threat of war, the citizens are afraid of changes in the ranks of the entire administration in an emergency. Is this time history repeats itself?

The situation in the Middle East is complicated by the involvement of Russia and China. Russia for the first time since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc is involved militarily in the conflict by supporting Syria. The Russians sent to Syria the latest Iskander missiles and probably also S-300, in order to support the Assad government, which guarantees that the only Russian military port in the Mediterranean. Russia also sent to the region of Syria’s own vessels. China supports Iran and Pakistan in their quest for independence from the United States. At the beginning of the conflict, China halt trade with the West, ie United States and NATO countries.

Currently, the U.S. and NATO want to go to Syria militarily. In case of conflict, Iran has declared support for Syria. In turn, Iran is an ally of China and Russia, which is indirectly involved in Syria. Thus, any conflict with Iran and Syria may involve all major forces in the world (USA, NATO, China and Russia) that could become a flashpoint for World War III.

Iran carried out today the closure of the Strait of Hormuz maneuvers through which flows about 40% of the oil for the whole world. Closure of the shipping lane will send prices above $ 200 per barrel, which is exactly as they want to Anglo-American elite. This conflict is part of the scenario described earlier by Mr. Williams.

In the U.S., food stamps, pensions will still be issued until 2013 and beyond. Crash the entire pension system and social system is later than the financial system.

According to L. Williams for 2012 will also be a year of critical social change. Society will be very aggressive demoralization, which in elite circles is referred to as the “messiah devil.” The media and politicians will be promoted through a campaign of fear. In this way, everyone will live in fear, denying the critical thinking and analysis of events. Of course the answer to all the fears and the demoralization of society will be a new global Anglo-American system, a new world currency and economic system, in a word, the New World Order, which for many years before all the familiar problems of caution.

In elite circles, whose religious system is far from the west and Christian ethics is based on the belief in Lucifer, believes that this aggressive movement on the side of the elites will have its tenor on the other side. They say that something will happen in 2012 what could be described as “a manifestation of the presence of” the forces of good.


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