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Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.

Cupping draws blood to the surface area of the body where the cups are applied. This increase in blood flow relieves and can also mobilize the immune system to fight the disease. You don’t need antibiotics that are bad for your body.

Specific reflex zones on the back, abdomen and legs correspond to organs, cupping can be used to promote the function of the kidneys, gallbladder, liver or lungs etc. Cupping can also mobilize the immune system.

There is different types of cupps – those that use air from syrringe or those that use fire.

You can do it at home. Check the instruction manual before using it.I had cupping at the back only, in specific places.

It fights these diseases :bronchitis,angina, influenza,pneumonia,the strong cold. When you put them on , you have to keep your back warm under the blanked in bed for 2 days straight.You cannot go out to the wind/outdoor.

cupps cut1

1.Forbidden places to place cupps:

In the area of heart, large blood utensils, eyes, ears, nose, pectoral warts, stomach, varixes, on out of order skin or morbidly changed, on dying traits, and at pregnant women on the abdomen and in lumbar area.



Cryotherapy – is the use of cooling to treat injuries.Relies on the surrender of a all body by short time (to 3 minutes) the activity of very low temperatures (to -160C).Under the influence of low temperatures the organism of man begin to produce antibodies fighting infections. This becomes impelled natural immune protection of organism.It should be noted that the usage of the effects of cryogenic temperatures on the human organism has its applications not only in medicine, when treating the sick, but is also beneficiary for healthy persons performing sports competitively or recreationally. It is an ideal method for biological regeneration, enabling a fast and effective means of regenerating the organism after strenuous effort. It also assists in a fast easing of complaints especially pain, which have arisen e.g. as a result of performing sports.

The following are the basic indications for cryogenic temperature treatment:

  • all rheumatoid and rheumatic conditions of the locomotor system,
  • psoriatic arthritis,
  • periarticular inflammation,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • prevention of osteoporosis,
  • injury of joints and soft tissue,
  • multiple sclerosis.

moreover these treatments:

  • beneficially influence the immunological system (a boost of immunity),
  • eliminate pain,
  • retard the aging process,
  • are an ideal method of biological regeneration,
  • improve one’s mental state (treatment of depression and insomnia),
  • aid beauty treatments (prevention of cellulite).


accupuncture back

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine involving the insertion of solid filiform acupuncture needles into the skin at specific points on the body to achieve a therapeutic effect. No drug is injected. The needles alone create the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is used to encourage natural healing, improve mood and energy, reduce or relieve pain and improve function of affected areas of the body. It is safe and effective and is often successfully used as an alternative to medications or even surgery. Relief is often obtained with acupuncture when traditional medical therapy has failed.

There are numerous theories about how acupuncture works. Some of them are:
  • Acupuncture stimulates the release of pain-relieving endorphins;
  • Acupuncture influences the release of neurotransmitters, substances that transmit nerve impulses to the brain;
  • Acupuncture influences the autonomic nervous system;
  • Acupuncture stimulates circulation;
  • Acupuncture influences the electrical currents of the body.



First and foremost, saunas and steambaths should be viewed as leisure products. They provide a relaxing and enjoyable environment to help you kick back and unwind. A place to find peace of mind, relaxation and contentment. In other words, a way to deal with daily stress with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Having said that, there are all kinds of established and professed health benefits from saunas and steambaths. We have reviewed the literature and listed some of most significant health advantages:

  • During a 10-20 minute sauna session, your heart rate increases by 50-75%. This provides the same metabolic result as physical exercise. The increased cardiac load is the equivalent to a brisk walk. There is a nominal effect on blood pressure because the heat also causes blood vessels in skin to expand to accommodate increased blood flow.

  • Blood vessels become more flexible and there is increased circulation to the extremities. During a sauna, blood flow to the skin increases to as high as 50-70% of cardiac output (compared to the standard 5-10%). This brings nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue resulting in glowing healthy skin.

  • Steambaths and saunas induce sweating to provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sweat glands. Skin is the largest organ in the body. 30% of body wastes are passed through the skin.  Profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body.
  • When taking a sauna, skin temperature rises to 40°C (104°F) and internal body temperature rises to about 38°C (100.4°F). Exposure to the high heat creates an artificial fever state. Fever is part of the body’s natural healing process. Fever stimulates the immune system resulting in increased production of disease fighting white blood cells, antibodies and interferon (an anti viral protein with cancer fighting capability).
  • Spas and other such therapeutic facilities utilize saunas and steambaths in conjunction with massage to loosen fatty tissue and assist in the battle against cellulite.
  • Many regular steam and sauna users claim that a “good sweat” at the onset helps relieve and ward off the most severe symptoms of cold or flu.

Some of the other benefits associated with saunas and steambaths include:

  • Relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis.
  • Steam is an excellent treatment for respiratory problems, such as; chest congestion, bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.
  • Revives tired and strained muscles after physical exertion.
  • The cleansing effect of profuse perspiration helps provide healthy skin and a clear complexion.

Benefits:Improved blood circulation,Weight loss,Skin cleansing,Body relaxation,Mind relaxation.



Sanatorium – a health resort  institution : mineral water,mud,sulfur, thermal water, bilberry, ozone, radon, salt other mineral and factors of the environment exerting profitable influence on the organism of a person. Localized sanatorium are usually in health resort locality about the specific climate and the special physiotherapeutic values, appropriated for the people of protractedly sick and of convalescents, exacting rehabilitations or the consolidations of the results of hospital treatment.Popular in Europe.



Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation Oil is made from a traditional blend of aromatic herbs for healing headaches and minor pains.

Relief for:

  • Minor abdominal pains,Muscular pains,Headaches
  • Motion sickness,Stuffy nose,Insect bites

Wintergreen 40%, Menthol 48%, Camphor 6%, Eucaplytus 18%, Peppermint 15%, Lavender 6%.

Directions of Use:

  • Use as needed.
  • Apply to a few drops on affected areas several times daily as required.
  • For external use only


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Lemon ( Citrus ) – if you have a throat pain. Squeeze the juice out of it and gargle and drink it.You may add little warm water to it. If you have white tongue – place cut out pieces of lemon on it and hold it.You can also drink with manuka honey and warm water.

If you have dandruff take squeezed citrus juice and rub into your own shaved head.Once a week.After rubbing in let it dry.Much safer than shampoos that can cause allergies and eczema.Prevent dandruff.Natural cure.

Frozen Lemons and Cancer

So place your lemon in your freezer, and then grate it on your meal every day or twice a week. It is a key to make your foods tastier and you get to live healthier and longer! That’s the frozen lemons and cancer secret!Better late than NEVER!The surprising benefits of lemon!Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Try to eat it with banana or milk or ketchup if you cannot stand the taste/smell.You can also add garlic,onions to salads.

Apple – eat it to avoid colon cancers and kidney stones. I like spartan apple.One apple a day keeps the doctor away.Apple and carrot salad.

Kiwi – lots of fiber to clean your digestive system so does apple.

Cayenne Pepper ( I mix with water and drink to clean arteries ) , if it’s too strong have drink with other drink beside it. You can also eat it with eggs and tomatoes for breakfast.With soups and other dishes.

Flax Seeds – add to your sandwitch or other foods. Reduces cholesterol and has other benefits.With soups and other dishes.

Turmeric (yellow powder) – add 1 small spoon to the cooked rice to make it yellow.

Thyme packed with anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-rheumatic, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties, which explains why thyme-based formulas are used as an expectorant, diuretic, fungicide and antibiotic.

Parsley – add to a dinner potatoes.

Goji Berries – used by Tibetan monks. Many benefits.Fortify immune system therefore you don’t get sick often.Buy juice cause dried berries are stripped off vitamins.Also often exercise fortify immune system.Shop.

Avocado – many great benefits and vitamins.

Goat milk – better than cow milk. Goat milk can be a substitute for mother milk for a child.

Pumpkin seeds – cholesterol reduction, other.

Broccoli – anidoxant,anti cancer.Try pasta broccoli salad. (2)


Stinging nettle  , the 8 benefits.

Manuka honey and add citrus juice to it drink with grey or other teas or just drink with water.

Drink pepper mint tea for stomach/digestive problems.

Cut 2 or more Tomatos + cut slices of onions + mix with  sour cream + salt / pepper .Eat it.

To avoid Alzheimer – red books get your brain involved into thinking,exercises etc   – herb liquid used for for the purpose of the improvement of a bad frame of mind, for example in the course of cold (rubbings), in the headaches, muscular pains – for the purpose of the decrease of diseases after the bites of insects internally: in digestive diseases for example of inflation and the indigestion.  – use this for problems with the stomach and with the digestion,kind of like  gastric drops.

Take 1 red beet and 10-15 carrots peel off  and mix it and make a juice. It contains all vitamins for all day. Good for skin,nails,antidoxant,anticancer etc.Use only 1 red beet cause they are too strong.

If you had diarrhea drink Powerade drink  it helps with your system.

Fast food increase risk of asthma.(study done – research).Eating fruits reduce risk of asthma.Fast food fat(grease) decrease your immune system so most likely you get sick.


Avoid Migraines / Headahes

Reduce stress (emotional,worry).Don’t do shift work.

Regular wake up / sleep cycle. Get normal sleep.Don’t do excessive exercise.

Don’t eat foods with citric acid,thiomine,yist/east extract,talomine , don’t drink soft drinks (coke,pepsi etc). Diet soda gives kidney damages ,metabolic problems and obesity.Avoid citric acid in foods,drinks.

Don’t eat cereals that are dyed (painted in colors ) they also cause ADHD.

Don’t eat fast food burgers – also cause colon cancers,high cholesterol.Don’t eat greasy food. Cook at home.

Don’t eat chinese foods it contains flavour enhancement MSG (Mono Sodium Glutimate ) that causes headaches and kills brain cells.

Weather changes.Excessive fatigue.Don’t skip meals.

Don’t use computer for more than 2hr a day.

When headache occurs:

Take vitamin B complex:


Take cold ice pack close to the pain or go outside in a cold weather.

Use rub it where you have the pain  and get a lots of sleep .

Zodiac sign with most headaches: Aries.

Buy yourself some books from Mikhail Tombak ( he teaches natural cures for common problems )

If you want to learn about baby diseases / care and have a bit of doctor knowledge buy this book:

Baby and Child A-Z Medical Handbook (Perigee) [Paperback] by Dr. Miriam Stoppard

*Use all of this information at your own risk. I’m not a doctor. I use what works for me.My grandparents are aged 93 and 97 without any cancers etc.

Use common sense: eat good cooked foods and no microwaved foods,don’t smoke,no coffee,no alcohol,exercise etc.


Good foods:


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